Todd Greene: Bay Area Producer


In Episode 40, I was able to interview Todd Greene, a friend, former co-worker, and producer. Listen to the full episode here. Below are a couple highlights from our discussion:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Todd, I’ve been out here in California for a couple years, honestly I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love music, it wakes me up in the morning and gives me something to look forward to every day. Originally I’m from Florida, Central Florida, to be a little more specific I’m from a town called Haines City. They call it the heart of Florida, it’s literally dead center in the middle of Florida. (TG)

Can you tell us about what you do within the music industry?
I work with artists that are on the up and up. I look for a particular type of artist, usually ones that have a lot of potential, who are looking to scale, and who are looking to go to the next level. My resources aren’t big enough to serve an artist that’s gotten to that next level so I want to help other artists get there. I can offer a lot of grounded advice and direction. Specifically, I work with artists to strategize their next move and how they should approach things. (TG)

Why did you decide to make the move from Florida to California?
If you want to be a part of something you can do that from anywhere around the world because we have the internet. But if you want to start something, if you want to create something, you gotta go to California because that’s where it starts. But little did I know, there’s a specific place in California that you need to be to start something and that’s where we are right now, San Francisco. (TG)

What goes into producing shows/events and how did you get interested in them?
Producing shows or just events in general on the entertainment side, it’s a tricky business. Depending on your position it can be a very fruitful position to be in. I’ve been hosting shows since way back in Orlando, running nightclubs in downtown Orlando. The way that I got into that, I had just come off tour with the band Broadway and I was looking for things to do. One night I heard about a New Years Party in Orlando at a nightclub called Bliss. So I bought a ticket and was going to drink all night or something like that, but the club was hiring. I thought that was interesting so I applied and I got a text message that said ‘Show up with a black suit and be ready to work.’ and I thought ‘Shit, I don’t even own a black suit.’ Anyway, I showed up and started working as a ‘security guard’. I started out breaking up fights and checking IDs, and then I started to see how much money was flowing through the door and started planning my own events.

For me, particularly for this George Clanton show that’s coming up on November 2nd at Brick and Mortar in San Francisco, it’s about the music. I wanted to make sure that George himself as an artist was able to cultivate and engage his audience in the best way possible for him, and be strong and true to his brand.

You have to be relentless, you got to be a non-stop hustler. Every person that you talk to, you have to be reading that person and think ‘Hey, could they be a potential person that wants to come to this event that I’m having.’ (TG)

Thanks so much to Todd for coming on the show. You can find more about him here: @mnitg and

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