Peachy!: With the right motivation, anyone can do anything.


“Peachy! aims not to create one specific environment for his listeners, but rather the listener decides for themselves what each song means to them. In the future, he wishes to explore the worlds of visual arts, clothing design, and further expressing a message to an audience that believes in themselves, and the fact that with the right motivation, anyone can do anything.”

Out of Atlanta comes Peachy!, a 17 year-old songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. At 8 years old he was drawn to the world of music and learned his first instrument, electric guitar. At the age of 16 “Falling For U (feat. mxmtoon)” became one of his most popular songs, amassing over 15 million views through various platforms.

Peachy! released his first full length album “The First Story: Tunes For Lovers” in 2018. In Peachy!’s own words “These songs are the beginning of a journey to create something new, by weaving the classic lofi sound with theatrics, funk, and experimental synthesis. Tunes For Lovers has a little something for everyone. From the sounds that inspired the Floral EP, Oh!, This is What Happens and Sweet Tea are intended to keep a simple sample-based cozy feeling in your headphones. Tracks like Trying Too Hard and A Steady Beginning, the relaxed yet energetically staged intro to the album, both experiment with new energies by means of fresh vocal harmonies and acoustic instrumentation.”

Peachy! is great for every occasion, but on a more personal level I find that this music really calms me down. If I’ve had a particularly rough day, this is what I’m listening to on my way home, because it turns my mood around real quick. I can’t recommend Tunes For Lovers enough. Some of my favorite tracks include: Oh!, You Wouldn’t Believe Me If I Told You, and This Is What Happens. I also really enjoy some of Peachy!’s earlier releases, specifically the Floral EP.

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Teresa Cullen