Camp Candle: Swag Pop


Camp Candle is Hetepsa and Nu Ra. Based in Philadelphia, their music is a thoughtful combination of R&B, chillwave, and indie pop. Some of my favorite tracks are; Fogged Glass, Feelin A Way, and One Day, My Friend.

“Philadelphia-based duo Camp Candle use the term "swag-pop" to describe their hazy yet down-to-earth sound, which falls somewhere between chillwave, R&B, and indie pop. Their songs reflect the harsh realities of the world, but remain hopeful and optimistic.

Briana Mills and Mark Cave met at an agricultural high school, and started making music together in 2014. Mills had made indie folk and electronic pop under the names Hetepsa and Orange Neve, while Cave (aka Nu Ra) came from a hip-hop background, but they sensed an immediate connection when they began collaborating, and Camp Candle became their primary musical outlet.

They released three singles in 2015, followed by the eight-song EP ERE in 2016. Their work received blog attention and national college radio airplay, and they signed to Manimal Vinyl, which released their three-song EP Light in May of 2017.”
- Paul Simpson

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